Customer Acquisition Team Lead (CAT Lead) - 1 position

Skills :• experience in Digital marketing / Ecommerce. • Should have experience in Customer Acquisition/merchandising, product strategy • Good expertise on So
Experience :9+ yrs


  • Responsible for complete planning and timely execution of day to day emailers. Data analysis, segmentation, customer focussed cross sell & up sell, complete lifecycle management are integral parts of this role with the goal of achieving revenue targets & maximise customer acquisition & retention.
  • Managing Campaigns on Google AdWords (Search, Display, Remarketing, PLA, Gmail Sponsored Promotions) with the prime goal of revenue generation & new customer acquisition.
  • Managing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & complete ORM via an agency. Responsible for monitoring & guiding them on day to day activities in order to maximise customer engagement.
  • Responsible for complete management of YouTube channels and promotion of videos.
  • Responsible for bringing in new alliances & tie ups & managing promotions through them. Partnered with different verticals like banks, financial institutions, loyalty partners, coupon sites, travel companies, brand sites, and various other internet businesses.
  • Driving paid campaigns on facebook for revenue generation.
  • Driving promotion of mobile app on channels like Facebook, Google & Affiliates with the goal of maximising app download and increasing app traffic & conversions.
  • Strategizing loyalty program & identifying opportunities to maximise retention & overall profitability per customer.
  • Driving & guiding the design team for different kinds of communications across multiple channels: Print, TV & Digital - emailers, social media, display ads etc.
  • Conceptualizing & Implementation of customer centric communications in order to maximise engagement and re-activation for the purpose of increasing average lifetime value of customers & hence increasing conversion of registered customers.
  • Coordinating with product procurement & category team to get the best of products for media planning
  • Responsible for managing various banners / units on the home page & internal pages of the website.
  • Media, Product, & Content Planning for various ad units in broadcast medium.
  • Managing the entire process for Upselling Campaigns which includes data decisions, products & customer life cycle study.
  • Responsible for complete management of company’s online reputation and work with internal teams to resolve all customer related issues.